Why I am here

I first realized that I’m transgender when I was forty-two. I was on vacation at a beach with my wife and daughter and had recently been reading a lot of news articles that were transgender themed. As well, I’m a frequent reader of reddit.com and found my way through the subreddits. It didn’t take long for me to connect feelings and events from throughout my life and start questioning my own identity.

That was six years ago. The week following that vacation saw me reaching out to a therapist who helped me through the process of determination and coming out to my wife. I still haven’t had conversations with my bigger family – mom, uncles, aunts, and in-laws.

As for the actual treatment – it hasn’t yet been quite a year since I started taking the medications for transition. Already, my appearance has changed and I get socially accepted as a woman; at least until I start talking. My voice is the main thing that clocks my identity. I will say though, it can be fun watching people greet me with “ma’am” and then visibly go through a state of confusion when they hear my voice and re-interpret me as a male! And my voice is getting better. I constantly try to keep a female voice and some people seem to never notice – that’s a MUCH different response from when I first started practicing voice control six months ago. The key to changing your voice is practice, practice, and more practice!

With all this stuff happening in my life, never mind the effects of dysphoria (the feeling of incongruity between how I look vs how I need to appear), I have a greater sense of when someone discriminates. I’ve been fortunate to not have experienced a lot of it – at least not yet; but, I’m only now starting to develop female characteristics and look/sound like the woman I feel inside. Still, it happens occasionally – it’s never been terrible but any discrimination is just plain rude. I’ll never understand why people feel the need to mock or treat others with a lesser standard when they sense a difference about an individual. It’s to that end that I created this website.

My intent is to share my life and opinions and thoughts and feelings with the wide world. I hope to demonstrate just how average is my life and, apart from a single distinction, no different than anyone else. We all have our baggage in life; some folks’ baggage is heavier than others but we’re all muddling through life as best we can. There’s too much intolerance in society and its not enough to simply read about it in the news and cluck your tongue. Writing is something that I very much enjoy and I’m going to share my passions via the written word.

So, welcome to my website – please read and comment to your heart’s content! 🙂